My letter to Kalim Ansari regarding my story

March 17, 2004

Sergey xxxxxx
c/o Parkway Mall
P.O.Box 62556
85 Ellesmere Rd,
Toronto, ON, M1R 5G8

Kalim Ansari
Executive Vice President
Honda Canada
715 Milner Ave
Toronto, ON, M1B 2K8

Dear Mr. Ansari:

Several months ago I have received a brochure named "Honda Civic Passport" where you told me about your "Civic Nation" project.

Unfortunately I wanted to return the passport back because I am not interested in Honda products anymore and would like to have nothing common with your brand name in future. I am completely disappointed with quality of service of Markham Honda dealership as well as with Honda customer service - it seems nobody is going to talk and help me there. Please read details online at

I would like to ask you to help me return my money back.

And since it looks customer satisfaction means nothing for Honda please do not send me any advertising materials anymore.

Thank you,

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