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At the end of February '2004 I have sent one more letter (by regular mail) to both Markham Honda and Honda Canada where I let them know I didn't receive my money back yet.

No reply since that. :((

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Another Honda owner was scared by my experience and placed the link to one of Honda community forums. By the way you can find other opinions about Markham Honda there! Click to the link above to learn more about Markham Honda service!

Civic Nation Passport Civic Nation Passport On March 18, 2004 I have sent a mail to Kalim Ansari, Honda Canada executive vice president. Several month ago I received a brochure named "Civic Nation Passport" signed my Mr.Ansari (click to images to enlarge them). Now I decided to return the passport back to Honda because of their unacceptable service. You can take a look at the letter here.

As usually, no reply since that. :(((

Ooops, mid'April 2004 brings some news!

I have received a letter signed by Chantal Corriveau, Customer Relations Specialist of Honda Canada. She kindly informed me that "Since Honda dealerships are independently owned and operated businesses, we do not have jurisdiction in how they choose to offer you this reimursement. We have taken the liberty of forwarding your request to the attention of Ms. Maria Williams, Process Improvement Manager at Markham Honda, as well as the General Manager, Mr. Omar Khan to ensure they are aware of your position.".

I hope you understand now how it works in the Honda world: if a negligent, bandy-armed technician breaks your car left for service at an official Honda dealership then Honda Canada cannot do anything, and the dealership refuses to return money. Excellent! and everyone is happy. Except the customer (of course) but who cares about that miserable one... :-))

Wow, guys, are you serious?
Is it really that relations you think your customers are looking for?

Thank you, Ms. Maria Williams. It's funny that Markham Honda has "Process Improvement Manager" position. He-he... As for me there is nothing to improve at Markham Honda because the dealership is already very close to ideal...

Just found an interesting article in the Toronto Star (Saturday, July 10, 2004, Business section).
Just a quote: "Canadian sales of some of Honda's key models have fallen significantly in the first half of this year, compared with the same period a year ago.".
In the first half of this year, Civic sales slid more than 15%!!! Wow!!!
Great news, Honda, my congratulations! You've got the results!!!
The article is here.
However I think the Star forgot to mention Honda's service - it could be one more reason for the dramatic sales drop. Hey, Honda, who needs your cars if people scared by your service level?
It's funny to see "businessmen" who want to save hundreds but lose thousands instead.
I hope this website helps customers to make a right choice. And I wish Honda further success :))

Hey, Markham Honda and Honda Canada, is anyone going to return my money back?
Or your policy is "take money and run"?
Hope you'll lose more.

Yes, I realize I was an idiot when decided to come there.
But it is a good lesson for you, Honda owner!
Wanna be the next? Go to Markham Honda dealership!

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